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    Fax i-Line (PC) - $6.95 /mo     People Line differs from many VoIP providers by supporting Email to Fax and Fax to Email services for PC users. The services can be subscribed to at $6.95 per month.    
    Fax i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Home i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Office i-Line - $19.95 / mo        
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People Line's Fax to Email service turns your PC into a "private" fax mailbox that never runs out of paper, never loses an important message, never gets turned off - and is completely confidential. All faxes sent to your fax number will be instantly forwarded to your email address as attachments, and your faxes will be stored by your Email service for you to download when you check your email. You can decide to view, store, print, forward or delete the email with fax attachment at that time.

Easy, cost-effective, Email to Fax lets you send faxes to destination worldwide, streamlining the efficiency of your communications with clients and business partners. You can attach files, add custom cover pages that you create using your own desktop publishing, and manage contact lists using your favorite Email application's address books, and once a document is ready to distribute, click on Email send once to send.

When combined People Line's Fax to Email, Email to Fax acts as a complete, virtual fax solution, enabling you to send and receive faxes from your PC - anywhere, any time. No special fax hardware of software is needed, just your favourite Email software or Email service. Fax i-Line PC eliminates the need to buy a fax machine, cuts the ongoing cost for a dedicated fax line, and greatly reducing the cost of long distance rates for fax transmissions. .

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              Faxing is simple - just send an Email. We take care of the rest by transmitting your emails to a destination fax number, which you will include in the Email address, i.e., fax=16047325555@fax.ucantalk.net
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  • PC and Internet connected users that want to send / receive faxes from their desktop using Email and save adding a fax machine and fax line. Fax i-Line is a very inexpensive alternative to a dedicated fax line for a home office or small business.
  • Users that want fax solutions that are reliable, never run out of paper, or tie up the main telephone line - never miss a fax.
  • Users that want simple solutions that do not require adding new hardware or software, and allow them to use familiar devices (PCs with a Web mail browser or email application).
  • Users that want confidential storage of faxes on their Email server for easy retrieval from anywhere at anytime.
  • Holiday makers or business road warriors that need easy-to-use, portable solutions for convenient fax communication with head office or home.
  • An inexpensive alternative to long distance via a land fax line .


    Includes         Savings
  • One personal fax number to receive fax calls
  • Unlimited local fax calling.
  • Option to add a Global i-Line long distance calling plan.
  • Secure 24 x 7 operations and support
    Regular Fax Line = $35 / month
        People Fax i-Line = $6.95 / month 
        Your Savings = Approx. $30 / month
        No fax machine required = save $150.
              Faxes are sent / stored digitally to save printing, paper, and toner.
  • ADSL, Co-ax Cable or Wireless Broadband connection..
  • Any computer that has Email software or a browser and access to a Web Mail service like Hotmail.

Enjoy Your Savings Break!

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    We reward people who support the services via a simple grass roots people approach. When a person refers another person who signs up to People Line, we give one month's FREE phone service to the referrer. When a person refers 12 people, that person gets 1 Year FREE phone service. Way cool!     For information, please contact us at: info@peopleline.net or 604-639-2550.
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