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    Fax i-Line (PC) - $6.95/mo    

Independence is actually your first stop. You're independent of lengthy contracts and hidden network access fees, before you make your first or last call.

We tell you our prices upfront, as advertised without the fine print, and let you make informed decisions prior to joining People Line.


Easy Choices...Easy Calls...

    Fax i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Home i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Office i-Line - $19.95 / mo        
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    Call 10 - $10    

We like to think that quality, friendly and helpful service should be the motivation for you to stay with People Line. It is why we will never charge you penalties for leaving our service.

People Line does not require you to pay hefty, hidden service disconnect fees, nor do we impose expensive buyout fees on a lease for an accessory (i.e., adapter or phone).

By buying the accessory upfront, you will save your money and maintain your independence.

    Call 25 - $25        
    Call 50 - $50        
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    Bright Side Main     We like to let customers make decisions and have the ability to personalize their services.

We make no attempt to pre-bundle service features with long distance calling time.

We're confident that we'll earn your business and you'll find People Line solutions to be personalized and cost effective.

A jungle of prepackaged service bundles flourishes today, but many bundles have services & costs that are not useful to you.

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    Global i-Line     Independent Payment
    No Hold On Your Credit
    Independence (you're here)     You can make easy credit card payments on-line independently, anytime, anywhere, using Pay Pal. Pay Pal is an Ebay company, and it is one of the largest credit card processing agencies in the world. Pay Pal allows you to securely pay using major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and others).

Pay Pal's advantage to you is that People Line never has access to your credit card information. When you make payments for our services on-line, Pay Pal will forward the payments to People Line, never passing your credit information to us. There is no conflict of interest or bias in our favour should you have a billing concern.

There is also no possibility of us charging your credit card without your knowledge, because all payments are made and authorized by you directly through Pay Pal. You control when and how you make payments using Pay Pal.

People Line is not a bank, just a provider of affordable telephone services. We leave the banking issues to the experts.
    Many competitors ask for your credit card information and keep it on record. If there is a billing dispute or error, having your credit card on file makes it easy for charges to be added to your card - charges that may be hard to reverse without a trusted 3rd party.


          Open Standards & Adaptability     Free to Roam
          One of the strengths of the Internet is that it is based on open standards.

Most IP phone accessories in the market place will use 2 standard VoIP protocols (SIP or H.323). People Line supports both standards. This means you may not need a People Line recommended accessory to subscribe to People Line voice & fax services. In some cases, like with our Email and Fax services, no special software or hardware accessories are required.

If you have an alternate IP Phone device that is readily available in the market and want to use it with our service, we may also be able to accommodate this request. We plan to keep testing popular products and adding them to our product portfolio.
    You're free to roam and make telephone and fax calls from home, at the office, or from anywhere in the World where you have a broadband Internet connection (Cable, WI-FI or ADSL).
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  We reward people who support the services via a simple grass roots people approach. When a person refers another person who signs up to People Line, we give one month's FREE phone service to the referrer. When a person refers 12 people, that person gets 1 Year FREE phone service. Way cool!    

For information, please contact us at: info@peopleline.net or 604-639-2550

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