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    Fax i-Line (PC) - $6.95 / mo    

Depart from costly phone bundles and take the Voice over the Internet (VoIP) track to savings.

Residential Services: Starting from $9.95/mo, you receive local Vancouver phone services with popular features (call display, voice mail), plus you can "keep old numbers." Gain low long distance from any phone (cell, landline, VoIP) to call China 1.8c/min, UK 1.9c/min, N. America 2.5c/min, & other countries. For details , click here.

Business Services: Our IP PBX and multi-line solutions start as low as $29.95/mo and provide all the features (autoattendants, call queues, overline, etc) of traditional PBXs, without the costly expense of PBX hardware and administration. A single broadband connection can replace the costly incoming phone lines from your phone company and all calls between extensions connecting telecommuting employees, remote offices, outside contractors and others are free. For details , click here.

NEW! Mobilicity Cell Phone Plans Available, plus you can Save 20% on popular Cell/Smart Phones:  

People Line is now a Mobilicity Authorized Dealer. Mobilicity is a cell phone service in Vancouver that provides very low cost cell phone plans with unlimited talk/ text /data and no contracts. 

For People Line VoIP/Internet phone customers, we will offer up to 20% discount on Mobilicity supported cell / smart phones purchased from People Line. (Conditions apply. Contact us to learn more.)

If you're not currently a People Line customer, and buy a new Mobilicity plan and phone from People Line, you can get a $20 - $100 value toward the purchase of our People Line Home or Business VoIP products / services. You could get up to 1yr FREE Home phone service, a perfect complement to your new Mobilicity Cell Phone.  (Conditions apply. Contact us to learn more.)



Authorized Dealer

Mobilicity is the trademark of Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc
    Fax i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Home i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Office i-Line - $19.95 / mo        
    Home i-Family-$24.95 /mo        
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Our focus is IP Telephony, which shifts phone services to the Internet, bridges networks, consolidates plans and helps you save - less is more.

Say GOODBYE to high phone bills and HELLO to:

  • A wide selection of local phone and fax services for much less.
  • FREE Unlimited local phone / fax calling.
  • FREE local calling to home when abroad.
  • Very low anytime, anywhere (Off-Net) long distance rates.
  • Affordable People, Family, Home, Office, or Business Solutions.
    - Keep your Vancouver number
            - Low cost local lines and calling.
Bright Side         - Low long distance. No lost air time.
      - Travel, call home for FREE
    Bright Side Main         - Wide selection of voice / fax services
    Cable & Mobile         - Use a FREE Soft Phone
    Second Line        

- Wide selection of voice / fax service

    Services Galore        - Receive voice / fax messages as Email
    WI-FI        - Tie in your cell phone to save
    Peer to Peer        

Email & Fax

    Computer Shy        
    Global i-Line     Your Connection
    Difference Depot
  • Talk over any ADSL, WI-FI & Cable Connection (local or abroad).
  • PC or laptop with FREE softphone.
  • Regular phones and fax machines are optional.
  • Surf the Net and Talk at the same time.
  • Callers without Internet reach you from regular phones / mobiles.
    - You pay as you go, for what you need
            - We're truly local, more responsive
        - No strigent contracts
    Enjoy Your Savings Break         Please Call Us


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    We reward people who support the services via a simple grass roots people approach. When a person refers another person who signs up to People Line, we give one month's FREE phone service to the referrer. When a person refers 12 people, that person gets 1 Year FREE phone service. Way cool!     For information, please contact us at: info@peopleline.net or 604-639-2550


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