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    Fax i-Line (PC) - $6.95     Welcome to People Line's News Centre. Articles, new releases, case studies and event announcements will be placed on this page.

People Line will include news related to its partners and VoIP and FoIP in general. Please check back for news updates.
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    Adapters     Jan 29, 2009 - Peopleline Confirms the Ending of the Merger Agreement With Global Peopleline    
    IP Phones              
    Soft Phones     Jan 20, 2009 - Peopleline Ends Merger Agreement with Global Peopleline.    
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    Download FREE Soft Phone     Jun 21, 2007 - Peopleline Introduces the Pirelli DP-L10 (Wi-Fi/GSM) Dual Mode Phone for its VoIP Service in Vancouver    
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  Bright Side     Jan 17, 2007, Los Angeles, CA - Peopleline, Inc Merges and Renames the Company     Contact Us

    Bright Side Main           For information, please contact us at: info@peopleline.net or 604-639-2550
    Cable & Mobile     Sept 15, 2006, Vancouver, BC - Peopleline Opens first VoIP Store in Vancouver    
    Second Line          
    Services Galore          
    WI-FI     Apr 4, 2006, Vancouver, BC - Peopleline Responds to SPAM    
    Peer to Peer        
    Email & Fax          
    Computer Shy     Feb 15, 2006, Peopleline Completes Phase 1 of Development and Generates Over 1,000 New Subscribers    
    Global i-Line        
    Independence     Jan 26, 2006, Vancouver, BC - POPstar Restructures and Renames the Company      
          Oct 10, 2005, Vancouver, BC - POPstar Rolls Out E911 Emergency Services Program      
          Oct 6, 2005, Vancouver, BC - POPstar Announces 3rd Quarter Results      
          Oct 4 , 2005, Vancouver, BC - POPstar's Hosted IP Communications Services for Business      
          September 8 , 2005, Vancouver, BC - POPstar's Success Extends People Line Broadband Phone Service      
          February 16, 2005, Vancouver, BC - POPstar's People Line Introduces Wi-Fi Phone Services      
        February 16, 2005, Vancouver, BC - POPstar Rolls Out People Line Enhanced VoIP Services in Vancouver, BC      
          December 8, 2004, Vancouver, BC - POPstar Launches People Line Broadband Phone Service      
          Nov 28, 2004, Vancouver, BC - People Line introduces Adapter and IP Phone rentals. Please review Sign Up Options and Terms of Service      
          August 20, 2004, Vancouver, BC - POPstar Selects Xten® Soft Phones For People Line Broadband Phone Service      
August 9, 2004, Vancouver, BC - POPstar Launches Broadband Telephone / Fax Services in Vancouver, BC, via People Line.
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