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    Fax i-Line (PC) - $6.95 /mo     People Line provides customers a selection of adapters, IP Phones and soft phones, giving customers greater flexibility in connecting to our services, whether at home, at work, or traveling. We ship you nothing less than the best equipment on the market.      
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          Voice / fax gateways work like adapters in that they handle the analog to digital conversion from calls originated from phones and fax machines

Gateways are more sophisticated than single port adapters. They include IP / Telecom network management, security and access features. They can be scaled from 2 ports to T1 and T3 scale, supporting real-time and store/forward fax routing. When configured properly, they are powerful voice and fax call routing tools for a company WAN or VPN.
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          Voice / Fax Gateway installations are used for mid-sized to large enterprise customers since they are capable of supporting dozens, hundreds to thousands of users on VPNs. Typically, these are installations that that require a T1 or more capacity.    
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People Line currently recommends high capacity SIP/H323 VoIP gateways from leading manufacturers like Cisco, Quintum, or Juniper. The Gateways recommended for purchase from the People Line site are for smaller installations. These include the Cisco ATA 186 and Cisco 827-4V.

Cisco ATA 186

The Cisco ATA 186 and 827-4V look very similar and are very compact in size. The main difference is that the ATA 186 allows for 2 phones to be connected as compared to the 827-4V's 4 phones. The 827-4V also serves as an ADSL modem, includes Firewall and other enhancements.

We do not resell Cisco larger scale products like the Cisco 2600s, 5300s, 5400s, etc., nor do we sell products from Quintum and Juniper. However, since many of these gateways are H.323/SIP compliant, many models will be supported by our network and Clearinghouse.

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              For more information on Cisco gateways, please visit www.cisco.com
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    Cisco ATA 186s have fallen in price over the years to the point that they're now more affordable for small business, even home offices.

You can get 2-port devices for under $300, which allow fax machines and phones to be connected. When installed on a LAN and key system, you can also allow more than users two users to connect calls via the gateway to reduce the number of expensive key system phone sets, and help extend your key system for more customer calls.

With People Line's low Office Line rates, you'll save considerably on your phone costs.
    The gateways are easy to install, requiring an LAN IP connection or a direct connection to the Internet. Analog phones and fax machines can be connected to the gateways.

It is possible to place peer-to-peer calls between gateways installed in remote offices, customer and supplier locations that are connected via a VPN or Extranet, and thereby gain PSTN toll by-pass (FREE calls between offices).
    Peer to Peer (FREE Calls)     Easy Interconnection     Easy Choices...

    Peer to peer or gateway to gateway calls are possible over VPNs or over the Public Internet via POPstar's Clearinghouse. Extend your PBX or local calling service overseas to make free calls between gateways.     Where you do not have a VPN or Extranet, you can subscribe to People Line managed gatekeeper services or connect your gateway to People Line's Clearinghouse partner for very secure, inter-gateway / network call routing. The latter services can save you the huge expense of deploying a VPN or Extranet to support remote offices, customer and supplier locations. Best of all, you gain Peer-to-Peer call routing.

Gateways supporting the H.323 VoIP protocol can be connected via POPstar VoIP gatekeepers or directly registered to OSP Clearinghouse, if they are also OSP compliant.

Cisco gateways, for example, are OSP compatible and can be directly registered to send and receive high volume, real-time voice / fax traffic via the Clearinghouse with minimal setup and configuration. For H.323, non-OSP compliant gateways, setup is very minimal as there can easily be registered with a hosted gatekeeper.

For SIP phones and gateways, Peopleline has a SIP to H.323 proxy converter to easily interconnect SIP devices and gateways.

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    Gateways are very portable and can be taken anywhere there are Internet connections. They are very good solutions for travelers, and for installation in remote offices on or off a VPN.

The obvious savings are on long distance, but also on telephone lines, especially when gateways are used to extend the line capacity of a key system.
    For information, please contact us at: info@peopleline.net or 604-639-2550.

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