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    Fax i-Line (PC) - $6.95 /mo     People Line provides customers a selection of adapters, IP Phones and soft phones, giving customers greater flexibility in connecting to our services, whether at home, at work, or traveling.

We ship you nothing less than the best equipment on the market. Each product is tested prior to leaving our facilities.
    Fax i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Home i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Office i-Line - $19.95 / mo        
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    Call 10 - $10     Traditional telephones transfer sound using analog, while VoIP transfers sound digitally. You can either use an analog adapter to translate the regular phone's analog signal to a digital signal or use an IP phone.

An IP Phone connects directly to your broadband connection, eliminating the need for an adapter and analog phone. It looks and functions just like a regular phone. It can support a full range of features like multi-line, voice mail, conferencing, call forwarding, caller ID, etc.
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People Line recommends models of IP Phones to fit into your budget: Linksys and the others by SNOM. The Linksys IP Phone and Snom 300 are the more affordable solutions for homes and residential users. SNOM phones are more suited to business users. The new Pirelli DP-L10 Dual Mode Phone (WiFi +GSM) provides convenient access to VoIP service and Cell phone service on the same phone.

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    Email & Fax     Linksys SPA901 IP Phone
    Prices and Specifications
    Computer Shy  
    Global i-Line    
    Price: $90
              Specification Downloads
              Click HERE for SPA901.
    WiFi + GSM Dual Mode Phone     Pirelli DP-L10         Prices and Specifications
    The Pirelli DP-L10 is a dual-mode GSM/SIP WiFi handset, combining tri-band capabilities with the support of SIP VoIP via an integrated WLAN 802.11g interface.

The DP-L10 works like a standard cell phone - any GSM SIM card will work- and cell features such as MMS, e-mail and WAP browsing both over a cellular and a WLAN interface. Whether at home or in office, the DP-L10's WiFi capability allows customers to enjoy services and applications at higher speeds and lower cost.

The DP-L10 comes with a User manual, Li-lon Battery, travel charger with mini-USB plug, CD with PC utility, mini USB cable and headset with earphone/microphone for a complete communications package .
    Price: $395
            Specification Downloads
            Click HERE for Pirelli DP-L10
    Wireless DECT IP Phone     SNOM M3         Prices and Specifications
        Snom M3 Base station package. It is an expandable system with multi-line functionality for up to eight handsets, allowing for up to three simultaneous calls at time. Additional features include three-way conference calls, call transfering, music while on hold, call forwarding, and speed dialing with an address book allowing up to 170 entries. The Snom M3 has an indoor range of 50 meters and an oudoor range of 100 meters. The M3 Base Station package comes with charger, base station and one handset with cradle; Power supplies one each for handset and base station. The SIP gateway is in the base station with Ethernet connection     Price: $245 (includes Base Station and 1 handset)
            Additional handsets cost $125ea
            Specification Downloads
            Click HERE for SNOM M3 Specs.
    Business Phones     SNOM 300 Mid-Range IP Phone     Prices and Specifications

    SNOM Phones are rich featured phone sets ideally suited to conferencing and small business, or a home office.

            Price: $165
            Specification Downloads
            Click HERE for SNOM 300 Specs.
    Key System Alternatives     SNOM 320 High-End IP Phone       Prices and Specifications

    SNOM Phones really play in the same space as expensive key systems and key system phones.

When you compare the prices, SNOM IP Phones connected to a People Line managed softswitch, make a very competitive alternative to installing or up grading to an expensive key system.

If you have a company with under 50 users, the managed softswitch and IP Phone can be an enormous cost saving.
            Price: $300
            Specification Downloads
            Click HERE for SNOM 320 Specs.
        SNOM 360 High-End IP Phone       Prices and Specifications

            Price: $350
              Specification Downloads
              Click HERE for SNOM 360 Specs.
    Peer to Peer (Free Calling)     Easy to Install  

    You can also talk to friends and colleagues that use the adapters, softphones or IP Phones peer to peer over the Internet. These calls are free. If your friends and peers overseas have these devices, long distance calling is free - just like a local call.     With an IP phone, the Ethernet cable plugs directly into the phone, requiring only one device. With the Grandstream Adapter, the Ethernet cable plugs into the converter, then a phone cable connects the converter to the phone - a two device requirement.

In addition, the IP Phones have an extra Ethernet Port, so you can connect your computer to the phone. This way, your phone acts like a hub and allows you to surf the net while you talk on the phone.
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IP Phones, like adapters, are portable and can be connected anywhere that has high speed Internet access. It is a good solution for travelers, particularly business travelers that need conferencing features that an adapter does not provide.

The obvious savings are on long distance since you can place and receive calls to/from your local calling area while on the road.

The IP Phone also allows family, friends and colleagues from home/work to call you at no expense. It ensures that your local area code and phone number travel with you. So it's very convenient for people dialing you.

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