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    Fax i-Line (PC) - $6.95/mo     Sign up for Fax, Home, and Office i-Line services using options 1-3.    
    Fax i-Line - $9.95 / mo        
    Home i-Line - $9.95 / mo     1) Click here to Sign Up for Service and Use a FREE soft phone    
    Office i-Line - $19.95 / mo     You can have a local Email fax line for $6.95/mo or home phone line starting at $9.95/mo to make local calls (3 mo minimum order)    
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    Sign Up     2) Click here to Sign Up for Service & Buy an Adapter or IP Phone    
          You buy an Adapter or IP Phone (from $79) & make calls starting at $9.95/mo (3 mo minimum order).    
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    Call 10 - $10     3) Click here to Buy 1 Year Gift Passes    
    Call 25 - $25     You can have 1 Year Home i-Line for 99.00 (phones/ adapters are extra), or 1 Year Home i-Line Service with your choice of an Adapter or IP Phone for $195.00. Either are great gifts for the home, family and friends. Please note that these 1 yr plans are non-refundable.    
    Call 50 - $50          
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    IP Phones     3-Day Demo Phone Line Available     For information, please contact us at: info@peopleline.net or 604-639-2550
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If you want to try the service before signing up, we offer 3-day demo phone lines. Please contact us at 604-639-2550 for details or to order your demo.

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